Flexovit E.T.™  Grinding Wheels are an unique saucer shaped wheel and are the hardest working aluminum oxide wheels available. E.T. grinding wheels feature a ‘built-in’ grinding angle, which allows the operator to keep their elbow lower and their shoulder more relaxed than they would with a Type 27 or Type 28 wheel. The E.T. shape also provides aggressive metal removal with less pressure, and without gouging the work surface. It is intended for both flat surfaces, and rugged edge grinding or beveling. It is especially effective on curved surfaces, where the operator must reach or stretch to perform the job. This patent pending ergonomic design reduces worker fatigue.

Fast Grind - A30S

Fast grinding with good wheel life. An excellent ‘all purpose’ spec.

Unit of Measure



N/A 4-1/2 "


N/A 1/4 "


N/A 7/8 "

Tool / Type / Application

N/A Angle Grinder

Product Tier

N/A Good - High Performance


N/A Metal, Stainless


N/A Fast Grind - A30S

Max. RPM

N/A 13300

Box Quantity

N/A 25

Where Used:

N/A Metal Fabrication Mining Oil & Gas Ship Building Structural Steel Wind Energy