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Flap Discs

Flap Discs

Flexovit Type 27 and Type 29 Flap Discs can grind, blend and finish in one step. Flap Discs can be used to advantage in many applications that involve the use of depressed center grinding wheels and / or resin fiber discs by eliminating two step finishing and tool change time, thereby reducing total job cost.

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Resin Fiber Discs

Resin Fiber Discs

  • Manufactured with high quality abrasive grain, strong bonds and heavy-duty fiber backing.
  • Resists tearing, glazing and loading on the toughest finishing applications.

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Backing Pads for Resin Fiber Discs / Center Nuts for Backing Pads / Spanner Wrench for Backing Pads

Backing Pads and Center Nuts

Trim-Kut™ Sanding Discs

Trim-Kut™ Sanding Discs and Adaptors

  • Grind and sand in one operation. These discs will outlast resin fiber discs 6 to 1.
  • Multiple choices of adaptors allows for use on angle, vertical shaft or die grinders.
  • Assortment of mandrels and adapters allows Trim Kut products to be used with any tool.
Trim-Kut™ is a registered trademark of Glit/Gemtex.
Pressure Sensative Adhesive (PSA) Sanding Discs

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) Sanding Discs

  • Premium gold paper back disc is ideal for finishing, stripping and stock removal.
  • Stearate coating resists loading.
Dual Action Backing Pads

Dual Action Backing Pads

Dual action backing pads are made with a durable reinforced poly backing and are designed for easy PSA adhesion and removal.
Quick-Change Sanding Discs

Quick-Change Sanding Discs

  • Aluminum oxide grain resin bonded to cloth backing for flexibility and toughness.
Sanding Belts

Belts - Sanding

  • X-Weight cotton cloth back belts with Mylar tape butt joint seam resists stretching and assures smooth bump free sanding.
  • Premium aluminum oxide grain and full resin bonding keep the belt flexible and heated. (Below sizes and grits are available in zirconia and ceramic grain, call for details.)

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Mounted Flap Wheels

Mounted Flap Wheels and Threaded Adaptor

  • Coated aluminum oxide abrasive flaps deliver consistent cutting action, maximum performance and long life.
  • Flexible rectangular cloth conforms to flat and contoured surfaces. A versatile tool for cleaning, deburring, finishing and polishing.
Unmounted Flap Wheels

Unmounted Flap Wheels and Accessories

  • Large, uniform flaps deliver a satin finish on contoured surfaces.
  • Engineered for perfect balance and smooth running
Sandpaper Sheets

Sandpaper Sheets

  • Full range of grits available.
  • Convenient 9 " x 11 " sheets can be cut down to fit a sanding block.
Shop Rolls

Shop Rolls

  • Premium closed coat aluminum oxide grain, resin bonded to flexible cloth.
  • 50-yard rolls packaged in convenient, see-through boxes for easy dispensing.

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Plumbers Rolls and Waterproof Mesh Screens

Plumbers Rolls and Waterproof Mesh Screens

  • Plumbers rolls are excellent for deburring and cleaning pipe.
  • Waterproof mesh rolls are made of silicon carbide grain on an open mesh that reduces glazing and loading.
Straight and Full Taper Cartridge Rolls and Mandrels

Straight and Full Taper Cartridge Rolls and Mandrels

  • Extremely effective for blending, polishing and deburring.
  • Ideal for flash removal and eliminating other imperfections.
Cross Pads

Cross and Square Pads and Mandrels

  • Constructed on high quality abrasives cloth.
  • Cushioned pad delivers quick, chatter-free operation and greater control
Flap Bands

Flap Bands and Accessories

  • Exceptional for aggressive stock removal in hard-to-reach places. Perfect for grinding and finishing the inner diameter of pipe or tubing.
  • Zirconia flap bands are a long lasting high performance alternative to flap wheels and spiral bands.
Spiral Band Sleeves

Spiral Band Sleeves and Accessories

  • Designed for finishing applications, especially on curves and contours. Easily removes flash and parting lines.
  • Quality aluminum oxide grain, resin bonded to an extra sturdy backing.

Floor Care Products

Featuring premium silicon carbide grain sanding products as well as dust collection bags and steel wool pads.